Having established strong links with various types of companies and equipment manufacturers dealing in oil and petrochemicals, AICA offers onsite and offsite consultations in oil exploration.

Due to our constant effective networking with oil trade partners and direct first sources, we are able to meet our client’s demands with regard to equipment pricing and parts replacement or upgrade.

Market Potential

Our expertise includes importation and exportation of several natural resources. Demand for Australian goods and services remain high with export volumes steadily increasing over the years.

Western Australia is the main exporter of precious metals, iron ore and natural gas while Queensland and New South Wales remain to be main exporters of coal. Tasmania contributes in exporting aluminum, zinc and iron ores. Wool and dairy make up Victoria’s main sources of export products. In South Australia, copper is the major export contribution of the state. Natural gas and livestock are Northern Territory’s main exports to date. Northern Territory is one of the largest buyers of goods and services and the local government supports businesses through the Buy Local Plan, a systematic procurement framework which balances the procurement of goods and services efficiently.


Our trading entity specialises in petrochemical, medical and healthcare equipment instrumentation, drilling, oil exploration and refining providing warehouse and labour logistics, transportation equipment and point-to-point delivery options. We also provide labour and precision engineering and offer a range of exploration initiatives in oil, gas, petrochemical and energy industries.

  • Livestock

    Australia is a worldwide leading supplier of good quality live cattle, sheep and goats in the Middle East and throughout Southeast Asia. The livestock industry remains to be one of the largest contributors in the economic development of the country. As a main source of export, farmed livestock industries account for 45% of Australian agriculture.
  • Dairy

    The dairy industry is the third largest rural industry of Australia with major markets in Indonesia, China, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia. A total of $3 billion in export revenue was generated in 2016 and over 3 million tonnes including drinking milk was produced for the domestic market.

    With our fully integrated oil and gas company associates and partner distributors, our joint activities include oil and gas production, refining, storage, distribution and supply of petroleum products and natural gas.
  • Chemical and Mineral Fertilizers

    Our chemical integrated company associates include the production and sale of petrochemicals, polymers, fertilizers and other chemicals. We strengthen and improve competitiveness by optimising operational process, improving sales networks and solidifying the linkage between production and sales in continental sectors. Our management team ensures safe, stable and high load operation of its chemical links and plans to produce more value-added product.

    Below is our range of fertilizers and other chemicals that we readily provide with continued intention to expand our resources, explore markets and increase competitiveness:


    • Calcium Hypochlorite
    • Caustic Soda
    • Ethylene Glycol
    • Tri Ethylene Glycol (TEG)
    • Di Ethylene Glycol (DEG)
    • Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG)
    • Hydrochloric Acid
    • Methanol
    • Ethylene Di Chloride (EDC)
    • Nitric Acid
    • Acetic Acid
    • Phosphoric Acid
    • Sodium Bicarbonate
    • Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) – Heavy/Light


    • Ammonium Carbonate
    • Ammonium Nitrate
    • Explosive
    • Ammonium Sulphate
    • Anhydrous Liquid Ammonia
    • Diammonium Phosphate
    • Sulphur
    • Granular
    • Sulphuric Acid
    • Urea
  • Engineering

    AICA boasts a stable track-record in all areas of electrical and renewable energy operations supported by a committed team of professional staff and contractors.

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  • Gold, Diamond and Specialty Metals

    In this diversified mining, minerals and metals division, with our world-class, long-life, low-cost associates, our business model centres on continually forging a mutually beneficial partnership with major players in the mining industry.

    Our working category of areas in this division are:

    • Gold
    • Diamond
    • Steel Plates and Coils
  • Medical and Healthcare

    As a distributor for over 200 suppliers, AICA ensures customers have access to the widest possible range in health and medical supplies at the most competitive pricing which include:

    • Anaesthesia equipment
    • Intensive Care Equipment
    • Emergency Equipment
    • Hospital Equipment
    • Veterinary Equipment
    • Diagnostic Equipment
    • Cardiology Products
    • Medical Furniture and Lighting
    • Consumables
  • Machinery and Equipment

    AICA is determined to fully leverage on the strengths of our earth moving machinery and equipment sales subsidiary for mining, construction, plant hire and industrial sectors.

    New and used equipment include:

    • Dozers
    • Graders
    • Excavators
    • Loaders
    • Dumpers
    • Cranes

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  • Logistics

    With our transport, clearing and forwarding services, AICA offers specialised services to importers and exporters including small to medium enterprises.

    We cater to the following services:

    • Warehousing
    • Customs Broking
    • Computerized Wharf Services
    • Container packing and unpacking
    • Cargo transport services

    The trading freight services of AICA has the capacity for a highly efficient reach in all aspects of international freight forwarding, customs and quarantine clearances and transport ensuring both importers and exporters are coordinated to requirements, documents and in line with Australian standards and laws.