Engineers are a small, but indispensable, component of Australia’s labour force because the skills and expertise of engineers are unique and embodied in practically every good or service used in the Australian economy.
- Engineers Australia

At AICA, we are committed in providing a holistic range of products and services under a 3D model within the sustainable, renewable and environmental sectors. Our expertise covers all aspects of electrical engineering, renewable energy, information and communications technology, electronic waste recycling and sustainable developments, which are used to offer advanced technologies and innovative solutions.


We offer design services, project inspection and consultancy services through our team of accredited engineers and registered electricians.

  • Design solar PV systems (on and off grid)
  • Design and install solar hybrid power systems
  • Analyze system performance
  • Research and development
  • Integration of new and innovative solar technologies
  • Provide project funding scheme
  • Material procurement
  • Material procurement
  • Provide energy efficiency analysis


Our dedicated engineering division specializes in all facets of electrical contracting and engineering and project works catering to commercial and industrial sectors. We work with a broad range of corporate entities, builders and construction companies providing services namely estimation of layouts and floor plans, 3D design services, project management and electrical installations with an in-depth experience in on-grid, off-grid and hybrid systems.

AICA provides customised solutions to suit every need while maintaining industry standards in the quality of products and services provided. Through cutting-edge technology and innovative design approaches, we guarantee superlative performance for each system that is installed.


Our strong competency in the energy sector is of high calibre where we provide a range of market leading energy efficient solutions to our clients to ensure maximum savings and the best possible return on investment. We prepare renewable energy system design services including scope of work, project requirements and design proposals. In addition, our team can also conduct quality and compliance inspections of photovoltaic installations for both commercial and residential units.


With constant use, installations in offices and buildings deteriorate over time and can be potentially dangerous and may result to irreparable damage when left unchecked by accredited engineers and electricians. We organise thorough inspections, safety checks and testing within acceptable intervals in any type of industry and then submit a comprehensive report thereafter.

Temporary Power

Our Temporary Power Site Boards have been specifically designed and engineered to meet Australian standards on construction and demolition sites.

Temporary Power pertains particularly to builders and other tradespeople to work on construction sites when there is no power connection at site. Temporary Power is required on construction sites from the beginning to comply with WorkSafe policy.

Lighting Solutions

Lighting accounts for the major share in any energy consumption statement. Light-emitting diodes (LED) reduces power consumption for lighting by up to 90%, thus bringing about a dramatic reduction in energy utility bills. AICA provides feasible, durable and sustainable solutions to meet your lighting needs and effectively cut down energy costs.

AICA aims to build a cleaner energy future through the provision of high quality, low energy, cost effective LED technology solutions for the industrial and commercial lighting markets. We are committed to our client and product excellence and provide guarantees for all of our Lighting Solutions.

AICA does all the documentation pertaining to the supply of Temporary Power including a Notice of Completion and Preliminary Notice.

Home Automation

AICA offers home automation solutions to enable a high level of comfort, convenience, security and cost energy savings. Home automation allows more control over power remotely with options to access home electrical systems including air-conditioning, security system, data connections, temperature, illuminance levels, appliances, garage doors, windows, shutters and blinds. Remote access can be achieved through the web based portal, mobile phone application or voice activation.

Our home automation options also include smart solutions such as security control lighting when not at home. Additional benefits of home automation include power consumption monitoring and control which can be used to save on electricity costs. Security Home Automation includes motion sensor for lighting, security monitory systems with CCTV, sunset switches and automatic light sensors that adjust according to the natural light.