Did you know that Australia is home to some of the most brilliant minds in the world? The country has produced scientists and innovators of world-renowned discoveries including Penicillin, In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), ultrasound, Wi-Fi, cervical cancer vaccine, the Bionic Ear and the Black Box Flight Recorders. In addition, there are 16 Nobel prize laureates from Australia.

Based on Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2016, 6 Australian institutions made it to the top 100 list namely University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of Queensland, University of Sydney, Monash University and University of New South Wales. Performance indicators for university rankings include teaching environment, research and citation influence, international outlook and industry income.

Education remains to be the third biggest export income earner of Australia, generating $20 billion a year. Currently, there are more than 320,000 international students studying in different institutions across Australia.

TAICA is a fast growing market leader which specialises in higher education placement services and genuine entrant qualification for international students. Full assistance is extended and provided to people who are exploring academic advancement in Australia. Our offices and placement centres throughout the Asia Pacific region make it easier in helping you find suitable courses from the best academic institutions and get you settled in upon your arrival!

To get you started, you will need to apply for an admission in an Australian institution and a student visa from the government.

Quick tip

  • 1
    Decide on a preferred course and institution.
  • 2
    Submit your application to the institution of your choice.
  • 3
    Wait for a Letter of Offer / Letter of Acceptance from the institution.
  • 4
    Get your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE).
  • 5
    Apply for a student visa.

Set-up your bank account

Be at ease prior to your big move to Australia by opening your personal bank account with the premier banking institution of the country, Commonwealth Bank. Whether you are moving to live, work or study, make sure to settle an account first.

We highly recommend that you use this facility to securely manage and transfer funds to Australia. Open an Everyday Account Smart Access account now and get your bank account details instantly.

It’s one less thing to think about.

Open Student Smart Access Open Smart Access

The exclusive student portal of AICA is coming soon.

This online tool allows international students to lodge an application without the hassle!

Apply for a student visa, search for available courses online or submit a genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement with ease.