Our team of professionally qualified personnel comprising of network engineers, IT consultants, technicians and electrical and communications engineers allows us to cover specific business solutions for any IT requirement including security systems, data backup and recovery and network management. The expertise of our workforce is to setup the digital structure of any corporation which allows connectivity in offices with multiple locations thus opening opportunities for a global business enterprise.

We understand the importance of data storage, maintenance and management. From small to medium business enterprises, we can efficiently set-up, track and improve your projects according to your needs and budget.

Our reach is spread across all regions within Western Australia and currently expanding our operations to New South Wales and Northern Territory to focus on not only the metro but also extend our services to regional areas.


Our information and communication technology vertical has a range of frontend and backend services for software, hardware and networking support. AICA offers a proactive IT management service package which includes IT support, backup monitoring, server and network management, data recovery systems, anti-virus & security (end user & data centre), corporate telecommunications, storage sub-systems and data integrity & virtualisation services. We are equipped with all stipulated licenses to execute any size of ICT or networking projects.

IT Consultancy

We create customised IT solutions and services to meet the key objectives of our clients and help improve their corporate infrastructure and application services.

Cyber Security and Protection

Cyber security is crucial for any corporate entity. While it is essential to invest on tools and firewalls that provide adequate protection to any local network setup, organisations also need to ensure compliance with security recommendations.

Data and Network Services

Organisations rely heavily on IT network structure and implementation to maintain business productivity and success day in and day out. With the expertise of our network engineers, clients are assured of a tailored network based on security and bandwidth requirements.

24/7 IT Support

Through our IT experts, we can ensure timely and satisfactory services to keep your IT running and your users supported all the time.

Electronic and Communications Engineering Management

We offer communication and technological solutions across multiple platforms to help businesses save money, increase productivity and improve collaboration among employees.