Staffing Solutions is the executive search and recruitment wing of AICA, specialising in sourcing the best candidates from middle leadership to senior roles and other professional and technical positions including, but not limited to, healthcare, information technology, engineering and finance sectors.

Our team specialises in talent acquisition of overseas skilled professionals seeking opportunities in Australia by identifying the most suitable career placement even before migrating. We have successfully managed overseas recruitment for various Australian projects by leading the entire recruitment process from candidate shortlisting to job acceptance.

Whether you are an organisation who is looking at hiring great talents or an overseas professional who is searching for a better opportunity, our aim is to exceed your expectations!


Our core competencies include sourcing and recruiting the best talents across different industries at all position levels. We have a team of human resource specialists who have years of experience in Banking, Medical, IT, Engineering, Accounting, Migration and Shared Service industries. Staffing Solutions offers a unique quality of service that is designed to meet the needs of our clients and candidates.

  • 1
    Discuss Vacancy Needs
  • 2
    Head Hunting and Advertising
  • 3
    Candidate Short Listing and Interview
  • 4
    Reference & Background Checks
  • 5
    Signing The Contract
  • 6
    Shortlisted Candidates Presented to The Client
  • 7
    Client Interview
  • 8
    Job Offer & Acceptance
  • 9
    Replacement Support As Per The Contract


Our consultants are members of the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI) and Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) - a leading professional body for talent acquisition in Australia and New Zealand. With extensive years of experience in Banking, Medical & Healthcare, IT, Engineering, Accounting, Migration and Shared Service industries, our talent acquisition experts aim to deliver high standards of service excellence based on the requirements of the clients and candidates. We take pride in our impressive candidate database where we are able to search for prospective employees based on their expertise, experience, credentials and availability.


Our Executive Search firm specialises in finding the best candidate from middle leadership to senior roles for our clients in Western Australia. We have delegated talent acquisition specialists who source and contact suitable candidates for certain positions and negotiate actively on salary package and relocation opportunities.


Staffing Solutions has an impressive candidate database of local and overseas professionals allowing us to search for people based on credentials, work experience and availability. We use our extensive and customised search tool in handling local and international acquisition requirements of our clients.


Aside from finding the right fit of professionals for our clients, it is our business to make comprehensive background checks, too. The information we gather during a reference check is directly related to the key selection criteria of the role the candidate has applied for. This is validated from the information provided by the candidate during an interview.

Staffing Solutions does not justify work placements, instead we provide substantial reason to eliminate candidates from further consideration.